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Personal brands



Inna Kuts Consultancy. CEO Branding.

Lead with your purpose

Far from being a luxury or a nice-to-have, building an executive or CEO brand is crucial to your business in the digital age. 


We know what stops you from developing a strong personal brand and are here to help you meet these challenges.

No time




You have no time to invest into your personal brand development and promotion. It distracts you from your main business activities.

No team




Your marketing team is focused on the strategic goals of your business. Often they don’t have the required experience to position top officials as influential figures.

No focus




You feel like there is no focus or strategy, so any attempts to address personal branding are short-lived.

Create growth movements

We assemble our resources, strategy, and focus to make your personal branding journey flawless with:

  • A profound analysis and clear understanding of your personal digital footprint

  • Comprehensive strategic and tactical advice on your brand development

  • Optimized social media presence on LinkedIn, X, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube that underpins your brand

  • A social media content plan and efficiency evaluation framework

  • PR consulting to help you gain greater media coverage and publicity

  • Personal branding training for larger teams 

Abstract Pathway

People would rather deal with people than with companies.

We are here. For you

We accompany you before, during, and after your brand transformation. You and your team can either use our services for specific, discrete tasks, or let us build your whole personal brand, so you can stay fully focused on your business. 

1:1 Consulting

We work one-to-one with you to build your own personal brand presence.

Full execution


We create and develop your entire brand. You stay focused on your business goals.

We support you throughout this journey with dedication and care. 

Get your brand essentials

We help you stand out from the crowd. Your brand essentials are your unique traits that shape your personal identity: from a branded bio to keynote speeches, LinkedIn to podcasts, blogs to a custom website. To establish your personal brand, you must let the world hear your voice. 

Personal website

  • Custom website

  • Search engine ranking 

  • Personal URL

Content marketing

  • Blogging

  • Articles, white papers, ebooks

  • Podcasting and webcasting

Brand identity collateral

  • Brand book

  • Style guide

  • Photoshoots

  • One sheets

  • Media kit


  • Complete profile

  • Content strategy 

  • Outreach campaigns

PR and media outreach

  • Bloggers, influencers

  • Newspapers, magazines

  • TV, radio

  • Awards


  • Branded bio

  • CV

  • Executive messaging, styles, and reputation

Personal brand story
Media fluency

  • Comfort

  • Competence

  • Sound bites

Social media management

  • LinkedIn

  • X

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Youtube


  • Conferences

  • Keynotes

  • Panels

  • Breakout sessions

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It all starts with a consultation

We undertake an in-depth look at your business, your lifestyle and what you want to achieve, and put together a bespoke plan, tailored to you.


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Schedule an initial call


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