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Abstract Pathway

The personal branding consultancy

 Building brands for business leaders

Inna Kuts Consultancy. CEO Branding.

What makes us us

We do things differently. We help CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs build impactful personal brands by creating brand stories that cut through the noise, showcasing the essence of their personality, and setting them on a path to success. 


By strategically combining online and offline tactics, we focus on promoting thought leadership, building business connections, and establishing the status of our partners as industry game-changers. 

And our expertise.
CEO branding

We design and develop your personal CEO brand to grow your recognition and credibility as well as increase your company’s equity.

Social branding

We effectively advocate and promote your personal brand on LinkedIn, X, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. As marketers, we love figuring out how to make a powerful impact and influence your audience, so your social media following grows exponentially. 


We help you define your leadership style and align it with your company's objectives and values by analyzing your identity and distinctiveness as a leader.

Reputation management

We define the optimal methods to shape, monitor, and improve your online and offline reputation. We build personal websites that perform and convert clicks to customers. 


We build on your public profile, both online and offline, ensuring visibility, authority, and acceptability.


We market you and your company to internal employees and job seekers, so they become the ultimate brand ambassadors of your business. 

Why your personal brand is important

It challenges the status quo.

It helps you to stand out and differentiate yourself to your audience. Your personal brand is a reflection of your own identity, values, and beliefs. Delivering your brand clearly and consistently creates a memorable experience for people you interact with, bringing tangible benefits to your business. It's all about sharing who you are, what you do, and how you do it. 

  • Builds your status as an industry expert

  • Establishes thought leadership

  • Enhances your reputation

  • Develops your business network

  • Attracts more target clients 

  • Increases sales

  • Grows your company revenue and value

  • Helps you reach your business goals 

Why choose our consultancy

And always deliver more.

We do it all. In all new ways. With extensive experience in digital marketing and PR, we build powerful personal brands that stand the test of time. With over 16 years building brands in the global marketplace, we have developed a novel methodology to identify the key ingredients that make your personal brand stand out. 

  • A boutique consultancy providing tailored services for individuals and businesses

  • A producer of real results that monetize your name and business

  • An exceptionally reliable partner that guarantees the highest level of privacy in every partnership

Abstract Pathway

48% of a business's market value is attributable to CEO reputation.

Who do we work with 

We have partners, not clients. We build relationships with trusting and ambitious leaders who think strategically. They are visionaries who embrace their mission and want to make a real difference in our globalized world.  


Game-changers at all levels.
  • CEOs, founders, and serial entrepreneurs who position themselves as industry experts and trusted leaders. 

  • Celebrities and public figures who want to gain more public exposure for their businesses and brands. 

Get more out of your name

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